Transition to New Site

I have for some time wanted to have my own web presence—a place on the Internet which could serve as the center of my “geek life,” or even the center of my larger life. I have had a blog for some years now, and I have moved between WordPress and Blogger during that time, in addition to flirting with Posterous and Tumblr. None of those services gave me the total control I wanted, and besides, a blog is only a part of one’s web presence anyway. I have experimented with GitHub Pages and Jekyll (and Markdown) and found those technologies to be better suited to what I want to accomplish.

I won’t bother migrating my previous blog content to this site; I intend for these notes to be, on the whole, larger and more substantive than my previous blog content. In fact, the reader will notice that these notes are, for one thing, called “notes,” not “blog posts,” and for another, there is no place to comment on these notes. This is entirely by design, since what I intend for these notes is not entirely to serve the purpose of blogging, but rather as a place for essays. For shorter, more immediate posting, there are Twitter (which is, after all, a microblogging service) and Google+.

The last post on my previous blog contains a brief message and a link to this new site. Because I intend for the notes on this site to be generally larger and more substantive than my previous blog content, they will likely be a bit more infrequent.

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